What We Do

Founded in 2004, CNM Estates has a track record of success and delivery, with a current development pipeline of over 1000 residences, 250 serviced apartments and half a million sqft of commercial space.

At CNM Estates we have a strong regional focus meaning that we’re well-positioned to find and create new opportunities in under-served areas. We work collaboratively with local government, businesses and community organisations, so that we can realise potential and value through strategic development and regeneration, creating new areas that really work for the communities they are designed for.

We embrace a hands-on management style throughout the entire development process, from site sourcing and funding to concept development, planning, construction and sale.


Every CNM Estates project focuses on regenerating communities. Before we start a project we carry out extensive research into each area’s demographics and socio-economic patterns so that our projects work as a catalyst for further development.

At CNM Estates we know that for a development to succeed in regenerating an area, the impacts of the project must be felt by more than just to those who occupy them. That is why we make significant contributions to improve the public realm and other infrastructure, meticulously designing and landscaping the elements which are available to the wider community.

We have taken leading role in the regeneration of Tolworth town centre and our development Sutton Point has been named in Sutton Council’s unitary development plan (UDP) as the number one site to guide development, conservation, regeneration and environmental improvement activity in the Borough.

Sutton Point

Our commercial property portfolio looks to deliver high quality and diverse income driven assets complimented by the true mixed use developments and attention to place making detail creating vibrant office, retail and leisure hubs in the micro locations in which we operate. With a focus on innovative and sustainable value-enhancing design, our aim is to attract and integrate our occupiers into dynamic environments to live, work and play.

CNM Estates are at the forefront of housing innovation, with an emphasis on delivering a broad range of attractive, well-located housing products. We are passionate about creating cutting edge ideas and solutions, challenging the way we interact with our living environment to help develop vibrant new housing communities. Taking the merits of each site individually, we are able to analyse and deliver specific housing provisions that support the supply and needs in micro-location in South West London and beyond.

We have experience in designing and delivering over 1,000 residential units including Build to Rent, premium Penthouse products through to co-living and affordable housing. Each product strives to stand above market competition and we are committed to injecting new life into undervalued areas through placemaking, sustainability and modernisation. We are also committed to delivering a range of affordable housing products in conjunction with local authorities and housing associations. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with public authorities to maximise delivery of much needed affordable homes and are proud to have directed significant investment in affordable housing in the last 10 years.

As an early adopter of Build to Rent, in line with the government’s initiative in 2012, we are currently developing over 500 units in the UK in Kingston, Sutton, New Malden and Reading amongst other areas. All of the units have been carefully designed to embrace “whole of building living”, with layouts and amenities that are desirable for the Build to Rent market.

With a pipeline of a further 500 units CNM Estates would like to partner with an operator and/or financial institutions to deliver these products whilst maintaining a minority share.

Our work in the hotel sector has been varied in style, size and involvement. We have worked with international brands, as well as smaller independent corporations.

In 2014 we obtained planning permission for 137-bedroom hotel which we then sold to Premier Inn, and have recently agreed a new 25-year FRI lease with Travelodge for a 120-bedroom hotel in our Tolworth Towers development.

Under construction we have further two schemes, an 80 bed hotel in Sutton point, of which we are in detailed discussions with a global brand to be delivered under a management agreement, and a smaller 25-bedroom luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Kingston.

With the amenity creep seen in hotels over the past 20 years, we are looking into the concept of pod-hotels which offer affordable rates in key locations. In our planning pipeline we are currently developing a scheme in this style for a 120-bedroom hotel and seeking to team with an operator in this niche segment.

While it still lags behind the more mature international markets, the UK Serviced Apartment market is beginning to establish itself in the hospitality sector. Stock expansion in London has been gaining momentum as consumer demand for this type of product widens and developers/operators look to develop purpose built stock. This demand has also seen the development of new brands and concepts that are aimed at the specific needs of different types of travellers, largely meeting the requirements of business travellers on extended trips.

We are developing 250 bespoke serviced apartments, with a focus on the Greater London region, and are looking to partner with operators and institutional investors in this segment.

In supporting the growth of Kingston University and other local higer education institutions, in 2015 CNM Estates delivered a 130 bed student housing scheme comprising of predominantly studio rooms with full ensuite facilities together with impressive communal spaces, making it ideal for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Kingston Plaza is located within walking distance of the town centre and transport links, and is equidistant to the Kingston University's main campuses.

CNM Estates is fortunate to work with many prestigious companies in order to help make our projects come to life.