Birnbeck Pier Repairs

26 October 2020

A spokesperson for CNM Estates comments: “The RNLI has requested to seek our permission to carry out some surveying works pursuant to the application they have had approved. As the owner, we would be willing to give consent for this, subject to a limited works license being agreed, which our lawyers are currently negotiating with the RNLI and its lawyers. The RNLI has confirmed that no actual survey works will commence until our formal consent is given.

“As we have made clear throughout, CNM Estates recognises the importance of Birnbeck Pier and given its significance, will continue to welcome dialogue with stakeholders, on a constructive and realistic basis.”

Meanwhile, CNM Estates is pressing on with measures required for vital repair works which to preserve and start the process of bringing Birnbeck Pier back to life, which has been closed to the public since 1993 nearly two decades ago as result of “neglect by users and stakeholders in the preceding decades.” It is working with North Somerset Council to get the planning application for the Phase 1 works agreed - the Council has requested more information to enable the determination, which CNM Estates has provided.

CNM Estates has also already agreed three extensions requested by the Council for the determination of the application to allow works to commence, which it hopes can begin prior to the winter weather which will adversely impact progress and further slow things down.

CNM Estates has assembled a highly specialist project team for Birnbeck Pier. This includes architects Darling Associates; Howard Kennedy LLP as legal advisor; JLL as planning, development and heritage consultant; HOP as specialist engineer; Clarkson & Woods Ltd as ecologist and also UK Industrial Services as the specialist contractor, which is now developing its programme of works following the survey.

In addition to other works delivered since April, Se Surveying has undertaken a comprehensive, cutting-edge 3D measured laser survey of the pier, which is informing the design work that specialist engineers are working on in regards to immediate repairs on parts of the pier that have historically been inaccessible. The survey has allowed the project team to uncover detailed new information that will inform the immediate high-priority repair works and support any future repairs.

A spokesperson for CNM Estate concludes: “We are moving forward with a specialist project team that has extensive experience in repairing heritage assets to repair and restore Birnbeck Pier. We are hopeful we can commence the repair works as soon as the planning application is determined – we believe there is no reason why these works should not be approved and our planning consultant will be writing to the council again to try and move things forward.”